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About Me

Mum to three noisy teenagers, living in Wales.


My first recollection of both sewing and knitting was being taught at around the age of 9, in Primary School in Scotland.  We used the sewing machine to make ourselves a skirt and an apron peg bag (which I think my Mum still has nearly 4 decades later) and we knitted a bobble hat and a teddy bear.  My mother also both knitted and sewed, and I was the envy of my friends as a teenager with clothes made to my specifications with fabric I got to choose.

I have since spent quite some time making clothes for my children and dance costumes for my daughter in particular.  Crochet is a new technique to me, having learnt it in the past few weeks, and is currently filling in those quiet moments when my hands are free.

Come and share my adventure as I spend more time exploring the craft of making things using Stitches!

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