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Peter Pan Costumes

This is a post for parents of the children taking part in the Afan Nedd Scouting and Girlguiding Gang Show.

Hello parents: I will use this page to keep you up to date with costume developments for the Gang Show. I am going to start by showing you some of the basic concepts for costume ideas, and to let you know what you can provide your child with to help us make their costume. The most important thing is: don't worry about it too much. If you are unable to provide anything, then that is fine, your child will still have a costume on the night! We do not want you to spend money that you cannot afford on this.

Scroll down to see the initial costume concepts for your child's role (these ideas will probably develop as time goes on). Have a look at our "Random Costume Requirements" as well, to see if you have anything we can use to make some of the costume pieces.


Peter Pan. This is the current design. If you are able to provide a pair of green shorts and olive/green leggings, that would be amazing.

Captain Hook. Red velvet Jacket, long black brocade waistcoat, black trousers, white shirt with ruffle lace collar and lace cuffs, black boots, tricorn hat. It would be great if you are able to provide black trousers (see pirates costume list), or if you happen to have pirate boots in a suitcase under your bed! I will provide the jacket, shirt and waistcoat and any other costume pieces you need.

Smee: Long blue waistcoat, black leather belt or sash, blue striped dress shirt, puffy trousers, pirate boots. If you could provide trousers and footwear (see pirates list) that would be great.

Wendy. Traditional nightdress and bloomers. I will be making this: you may want to wear a flesh coloured bodysuit/leo and tights underneath, for modesty. Can you get some black ballet shoes, or similar, as footwear?

John. Traditional blue and white striped pyjamas (these will be provided). Top hat. Please wear white vest and pants underneath, and black daps.

Michael. Traditional blue and white striped pyjamas (these will be provided). Please wear white vest and pants underneath, and black daps.

Mr and Mrs Darling, Eliza. We are borrowing Victorian style costumes from Neath Little Theatre. More on this later!

Nana: white mob cap. Will be created when Nana has been cast (keep an eye out for casting information!)

Tiger Lily: providing own costume


Black trousers . Most pirates will wear oversized black trousers tucked into boots. School trousers would be fine. If you happen to have a pair of white loose trousers, or blue and white/black and white striped trousers, that would be great too.

Shirts Shirts will either be laced front or frilled/ruffled. If you have anything similar to the ones below, that would be perfect, failing that an ordinary (but ovcrsized) white shirt is easy enough for me to modify. A couple of people wearing striped (white with red, black or blue) long sleeve T-shirts would be fine too.

Footwear: if you have them black/dark brown boots or wellies which can be styled to look "piratey". Otherwise, black daps.


Trousers: Green/tan/khaki shorts (just above knee) or trousers.


Leggings: white (will be dyed)

Tops: white short sleeved leotatds or close fitting short sleeved T shirt tops (will also be dyed).


If you are able to bring anything on this list, that would be amazing.

"good" pirate hats (not foam, etc)

black or brown leather belts (pref wide)

red or black sashes and scarves

wide lace (to make pirate cuffs)

red/black/white brocade or other curtain fabric suitable for making pirate waistcoats (pieces at least 50cmx100cm large)

faus fur waistcoats/jackets

bits of fur from hoods of jackets etc

suede waistcoats/jackets

scrim netting

polyester leaves (green or autumn colours, but over 4cm long)

autumn coloured brocade or other curtain type fabric (oranges, browns, reds, gold tones) for brave girls tops. pieces at least 30cmx50cm large.

Animal hat (wolf/fox/bear etc)

Woollen hat with long side tassels...

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